Tuesday, May 3, 2016

D.A.R.K. tour and album postponed, New Cranberries album of reworked songs?

As previously reported "Science Agrees" had been pushed back to June 24th in the States. Now it appears the release has been postponed everywhere else, to July and August. I'm expecting the US release date to be pushed back again, as we never get anything early here.

Pushing back an album, for me, is not a big deal, but it's a real shame that the tour dates for the end of May have also all been pushed back to September. Really sorry to all the fans who had tickets, especially those who had booked flights and hotel rooms.

The official excuse is that the lead guitarist (presumably Andy Rourke) will be unavailable to tour at the end of this month.

Also there are unofficial rumblings (Cranberries World) that The Cranberries are reworking old songs with the Irish Chamber Orchestra for a possible upcoming new record. We shall see.

Dolores O'Riordan's new band D.A.R.K. postpone tour & push back album release by several months

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